Terms of service


EmbedQuiz is an online platform owned by Ágh László Helmut. This document provides information on the terms of service of EmbedQuiz.

Access right

EmbedQuiz is a quiz-maker platform, that helps our users create and share new online quizzes, as well as collect data from the published quizzes.

EmbedQuiz has different subscription plans and the available features differ between each plan. The free plan lets users save an unspecified number of responses into a Google Sheets file hosted on their own Google Drive account, while paid plans offer the opportunity of saving results on the servers of EmbedQuiz.

Important: Although the number of responses is unspecified in the free plan, the number of collectible leads is limited to 10 leads a month.

Leads are contact information, email addresses, phone numbers, names, messages, and other personal data. In most cases, leads are collected at the end of the quiz and EmbedQuiz sends an email to players with the results of the quiz.

If the quota of the user’s subscription plan is reached, EmbedQuiz stops saving more data.

The owner of EmbedQuiz has the right to change limitations and access rights to the platform in the future.

EmbedQuiz saves, changes, and deletes data on the customer’s own Google Drive. Access is required to your Google Drive to save quiz results.

The current limitation of file upload on EmbedQuiz is 10Mb / file, but this metric might be changed in the future by the owner of EmbedQuiz.

Users of EmbedQuiz accept that EmbedQuiz provides no option to request a physical copy of the software or other data stored on its servers.

Customer service and support

The customer support of EmbedQuiz can be contacted at the following email address: info@embedquiz.com

EmbedQuiz and the owner of EmbedQuiz guarantee no support in connection with the platform and there is no specified response time.

Data Ownership

The domain name, software, and all materials provided and published by the owner of EmbedQuiz belong to the owner of EmbedQuiz and users have no right to copy, share or modify these objects.

Users can create custom quizzes on the platform, share them, and receive results and even personal information using EmbedQuiz. These data generated by the user might belong to the user, but the platform and the owner of the platform have the right to delete, change or withhold publication of these data without notice.

EmbedQuiz stores responses on the customer’s Google Drive, but also stores view counts and other information on its servers. In the case of paid plans, EmbedQuiz will store response data and contact information on our servers too.

Data security

Data, including personal data, is stored on EmbedQuiz according to the privacy policy.

Limitation of liability

EmbedQuiz and the owner of the platform provide reasonable protection of data stored on the server of the platform, but cannot be held liable if data leaks, server shutdowns, and other problems and issues occur.

The user accepts that customizations, data, and all information generated on behalf of the user are the user’s own responsibility and the owner of the platform cannot be held liable for issues regarding them.


For prices and available features, please refer to the subscriptions page in your account settings.

The owner of EmbedQuiz has the right to change prices and features in different subscription plans in the future.


The owner of the platform cannot guarantee that the platform will be accessible and maintained in the future. 

If the owner of the platform decides the platform can be shut down, limited in access, or restricted by different scopes without notice.

If the user wants to delete the account and all data in connection with the user, the following email address can be contacted: info@embedquiz.com

The current Terms of Service might be changed in the future by the owner of EmbedQuiz.