Quiz maker with unlimited responses!

Create embeddable quizzes with ease, invite players to join your mailing list, and send results via email!

New: Generate quizzes with AI

Example of EmbedQuiz.com showcasing a coffee bases personality test
Free quiz maker to build lead generation quizzes

Build marvelous quizzes with ease

We give you all the tools to build point, percent, or outcome quizzes. You can choose from beautiful pre-made design templates to amaze your audience!

Embeddable quiz component on a website

Embed on website or share via link

Our Quiz maker integrates with your website perfectly! Embed quizzes into your blog posts, and landing pages, or share your link directly on social media… it’s up to you!

Embeddable quiz component on a website
Build your mailing list by sending quiz solutions to your users

Collect data and send email

You can invite users to subscribe to your mailing list and send quiz results via email. Store all subscriptions privately on your Google Drive so your data is always safe!

Help your audience find a matching product

With outcome quizzes, you can suggest matching products based on user answers.

Embeddable quiz for your blog

Increase the value of your blog

Add quizzes to blog articles, so you and your users can get deep insights into their knowledge.

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EmbedQuiz uses Google products to store data and collect results, this way we can provide unlimited responses.


Frequently asked questions

How to get started with EmbedQuiz?

I put together a quick guide on how to use EmbedQuiz, you can read more about it here! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

What's included in the 30-day free trial?

During the 30-day free trial, you can access all the features available in the selected subscription plan. Such as the AI Quiz Generator, Logic jumps, Lead collection, Grades and much more.

How can I cancel the 30-day free trial period?

If you don’t want to use EmbedQuiz anymore, just simply cancel the subscription on the “My Account” ->  “Subscriptions” page.

Why does EmbedQuiz ask permission to access files on my Google Drive?

EmbedQuiz saves quiz responses into your Google Drive. This way you can import the data into any Google Sheets-compatible software and we can grant unlimited responses in each plan.

EmbedQuiz can only access files and folders created by the app itself, it won’t be able to access your personal documents.

If you don’t want to give access to your Google Drive, no problem! Just simply leave the checkbox unchecked during the registration process and your registration will still be successful!

Can I upload large files?

EmbedQuiz lets you upload images and videos with a maximum size of 2 MB. Large files make quizzes load slower and take up more space on the servers.

What kind of quizzes can I create with EmbedQuiz?

Currently, you can create point/percent and outcome (personality quiz) type quizzes with EmbedQuiz. You can read about the difference between these two quiz types here.

New types of quizzes are coming and an embeddable polling widget will be released soon!

Why is it better than other Quiz makers?

The problem with most quiz-maker tools is, that they limit the number of responses even in paid plans. For example, Typeform’s cheapest 25 USD monthly plan includes only 100 responses a month, which is not much for a website, where hopefully there are thousands of visitors a day.

EmbedQuiz solves this problem by saving as many responses to your Google Drive as you want! 

Also, it is specifically made to be embedded on your website, help you gamify its content, and grow your mailing list!