What types of quizzes can be created with EmbedQuiz?

Currently, there are two types of quizzes available on EmbedQuiz.

Point/percent quiz

With this quiz type you can upload questions and to every question, you can add many different answers, from which one is correct. According to the user’s responses, EmbedQuiz will calculate the results based on the number of correct results compared to all questions.

You can use point/percent-type quizzes to create math, grammar, or geography tests or measure your user’s knowledge in any given topic.

Outcome quiz

This type of quiz enables you to categorize your users according to their answers given to different questions. Each answer can be connected to an outcome with a likeliness selected on a 0-10 scale.

You can use outcome quizzes to create personality tests or suggest products to users according to their needs.

Are there new types coming?

Yes, new types of quizzes are currently under development and also the current types will have new features soon.

For example, a new poll-type quiz is coming and logical connections will be implemented for both outcome and point/percent quizzes.

If you need a new type of quiz or have an idea for any improvement, feel free to contact me!

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