Unique ways to get more email subscribers in 2023

In this article, you will find some tips and tricks to get more email subscribers in 2023.

Email marketing is as popular as ever. In 2022 37% of brands planned to increase their email budget and according to studies, there will be a huge growth in email marketing revenue over the next years.

People receive more and more newsletters in their inboxes and to grow your email list, first, you have to give them a really good reason to subscribe. All brands are figuring out better ways to get subscribers and in this competitive market, you have to focus on every small detail to achieve the best conversion rate possible.

Here are some proven ways, that can help you get more email subscribers in 2023:

  1. Lead Magnet Quiz
  2. Exit Intent Popup
  3. Gated Content
  4. 2-Step Optin
  5. Giveaway
  6. Social Proof
  7. Forward Newsletter

Lead Magnet Quiz

As Neil Patel said, “Using quizzes in your marketing strategy is one of the most underrated marketing moves. Seriously.

Quizzes are a great way to generate leads, engage with your audience and get insights into your market. After users answer the questions of your quiz, you can ask for their contact information to be able to send them the results by email.

Lead magnet quizzes use multiple strategies and tricks, like Gated Content and 2-step optin, to achieve the best possible CTR for a subscription form.

There are multiple types of quizzes out there, but most often, you want to use Outcome quizzes, which give a personalized result to each user, according to their answers. Outcome quizzes are often called “Personality tests”, but of course, they can be used to generate free company audits, routine suggestions, or much more.

Here is an example lead magnet quiz created for our website:

EmbedQuiz is free and you can save as many responses as you want! Try it out here!

Exit Intent Popup

Exit Intent Popup example on PUSHLiving

Users on average leave a website after 54 seconds. It’s not much, but you can still get their email addresses with Exit Intent Popups.

It’s a type of popup, which only appears when the user tries to close your website. There are multiple use cases, but the most common one is when you offer a discount code if they subscribe to your email list.


You have an online store, selling clothing accessories. A user has been searching for products on your site, but after a minute tries to leave and go back to Google to check out your competitor’s offers. 

Now a popup appears and gives the user a 20% discount code if he/she subscribes to your email list.

It’s a simple, but effective trick, that can be implemented on almost any website. Of course, you don’t have to give a discount! Free PDF guides, free trials, audits, or anything that might interest your target audience can be offered too!

Hubspot has a great free Exit Intent Popup tool!

Gated Content

Gated content example on The New York Times

When you are reading online newspapers, you can often find articles, where only the first paragraphs of the text are visible and once you want to read more it shows an email subscription popup.

If your website has unique, valuable content, that is highly important for the user to read, it’s a good idea to put some of these behind an email subscription form.

This same method applies to free pdfs, video tutorials, etc. Many businesses are doing this and it’s one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate on your website.

Important notice:

If you have a blog, only a few percent of your articles should be gated content. Google cannot crawl them, so if you use this strategy too much, it will badly affect the SEO of your site.

There are plugins for most CMS-s out there, like

WordPress: Contact Form 7 Gated Content

Webflow: Memberstack

2-Step Optin

2-step optin example on MUMA

A 2-step optin form is a way to lead the users into the process of giving you their contact information. The idea is based on the Zeigarnik effect. In short, the Zeigarnik effect suggests, that people tend to finish tasks they’ve left unfinished.

As the name suggests, 2-step opt-in forms separate the subscription process into two steps.

This might sound simple, but once people started the process by clicking the button, it’s much more likely that they will finish it as well!

You can read about this strategy on Optinmonster!


Online giveaways have been around for quite a while, but it’s still one of the best ways to grow your email list rapidly

It helps you collect email addresses from people, who are already interested in your product and would be happy to receive it for free. Usually, giveaways are much cheaper than a paid advertisement, since you are only giving away a product you already own.

Giveaways have a deadline, so they encourage immediate action. It might be a good idea to try if you have to grow your email list as soon as possible!

Another benefit of giveaways is that you can use them to make people share your content online. This way you can grow your email list and social media following at the same time.

Social Proof

Social proof example on Basecamp

Like everywhere else, social proofs near email subscription forms, increase your CTR by convincing the user, that your product is used by other people and they are already enjoying its benefits.

There are multiple ways to add social proof to your subscription form, like:

  1. Showcase testimonials of satisfied subscribers (Works well if your newsletter shares interesting insights on a topic.)
  2. Display the number of subscribers
  3. Display the name or logo of top customers/subscribers

Forward Newsletter

It might be an old idea, but it still works and is easy to implement! 

You can ask your newsletter subscribers to forward your emails to their friends, who might be interested in the topic. If you have an amazing discount they might want to share it with other people to help them get your product at the best possible price. 

All of us have a friend, who once in a while forwards a newsletter, that is interesting to us. It might be an industry-specific insight or a deal. 

Try to make your content worth sharing and ask people to spread it!

+1 generate more traffic

Although it might seem too obvious, of course, you can get more email subscribers if your landing pages have higher traffic. The two easiest and cheapest ways to generate more traffic are Social Media and SEO.

Nowadays video is the most important type of content on social media. We hear about many success stories of businesses, that started using YouTube and Tiktok, went popular, and generated a huge revenue with only a few videos.

Luckily, creating video content was never easier, there are countless services that can help you create awesome videos without any studio equipment. For example, you can use this AI Voiceover Tool to record professional Text to Speech voiceovers. 


There are many different strategies and tricks to grow your mailing list. You can either increase your traffic or optimize your subscription forms to convert better.

Try to always measure the performance of your landing pages and come up with your own ideas to improve them further!

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