EmbedQuiz WordPress plugin – How to use

The EmbedQuiz WordPress plugin

Our official WordPress plugin lets you integrate your existing EmbedQuiz account with WordPress. You can add quizzes to your website with Gutenberg blocks, Shortcodes, and Legacy Widgets, also you can quickly access all your quizzes inside the admin area.

The goal of the plugin is to make your WordPress editing experience better and help you share your quizzes easily. Although you will be able to access all your quizzes on the WordPress admin area, all the editing happens on the EmbedQuiz.com website.

How to install the WordPress plugin?

Open the admin area of your WordPress website, click the “Plugins” item in the left menu, then click “Add new” in the top left corner.

Type “EmbedQuiz” into the search box and click on the “Install Now” button, when you found the plugin in the search results. After it’s successfully installed, click “Activate”.

When the plugin is activated, a new menu item will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen called “EmbedQuiz”. Open EmbedQuiz and click on the “Sign in with EmbedQuiz” button.

It will navigate you to EmbedQuiz.com and ask you whether you want to give permission for the WordPress plugin to access the quizzes created in your account. If you give permission, EmbedQuiz will redirect you back to the WordPress site and all your quizzes will appear inside the plugin settings.

Congrats! You’ve successfully installed the EmbedQuiz WordPress plugin!

Embed quizzes with Gutenberg Blocks

If you are using the new Gutenberg editor on your WordPress website, now you can add and preview quizzes inside the editor. When you are adding a new block, simply type “EmbedQuiz” into the search bar and click on the yellow EmbedQuiz icon.

Select which quiz you want to add to the editor and EmbedQuiz loads the embed codes automatically!

Embed quizzes with Shortcodes

You can simply click on the “Copy shortcode” button inside the plugin settings to copy a unique WordPress code, that you can insert into any page, even if you are not using the Gutenberg editor.

The code will be automatically replaced by the selected quiz!

Embed quizzes with Legacy Widgets

If you are using a previous version of WordPress, you can add quizzes to the sidebar or footer of your website with legacy widgets. A new widget type, called “EmbedQuiz” will appear inside the widgets. After you add this new widget to your site, you can select in the settings, which quiz you want to embed!

Get support

If you have any questions or need help setting up your plugin, feel free to contact us!

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